The Pure Cleaning Difference

Our focus is to help families maintain a clean, healthy environment using non-toxic, safe products. We offer various services that help achieve having a healthy home. We also educate people about the importance of getting their home regularly cleaned in order to maintain better health. Some of our cleaning services will help eliminate odor, allergens, mold and other harmful microbials.  Since we are an all Natural cleaning company we are happy to have connected with Enagic Water Systems. If you are interested click the images below. Check out this awesome video about water



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Duct cleaning

We where very skeptic at the beginning because we’ve never cleaned our ducts before. The air duct was very dirty and had a burning smell every time we started the furnace. When Dean showed up with all this equipment and cameras he show us the before and after. Long story short, the air in our house now smells clean. You could fell the difference right away. No more Nasal Congestion when waking up in the morning. We feel now that we are breathing healthy air. Thank you Dean! Please call him. That money was well spent.

Jose Alfaro May 23, 2016

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Professional & Thorough

After a sewage backup damaged our master and downstairs bathrooms, Dean was able to start cleaning up immediately. He took the repair process from start to finish and my wife and I are really happy with his team’s work. I would definitely recommend Pure Cleaning services to anyone.

Nathaniel Gerlach Cleaning & Restoration April 1, 2017

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