Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines

Many have asked us, “What is so bad about using rental machines?” To begin with, the cleaning solutions used in those machines are low quality and not always the safest. The “soap” suds get trapped in the carpet fibers which cause the fibers to attract more soil into the carpet…..defeats the purpose right? Why would you want to spend all this time and energy cleaning the carpets on your own when it will cause your carpets to get dirty faster? Not only does it cause the fibers to attract the soil but it also damages your fibers. In the long run it will cause your carpets to wear out faster. We have personally seen this, high quality carpets in customer’s homes that are not that old look worn out. So thinking that you are saving money by not hiring professional is actually the opposite. All carpets are different. One size fits all is not the way to go for carpet cleaning. Investing a little in getting them cleaned properly will help your carpets last longer and stay cleaner for longer period of time.

Pure Cleaning Spot and Stain Remover

We recently started promoting our own product that helps remove stains from carpets and upholstery.

Some of our customers have been in situation where they had recently gotten their carpets cleaned by us and had an unexpected accident. One of them had their dog walk in the house with mud and another one had grease brought in by a family member. We wanted to have a product available to help with those situations. The awesome thing about our product is that it has 6 different accreditations for safety and it is non-toxic. Having a spot and stain remover on hand will help maintain your carpet and upholstery in between our cleaning appointments.