15 Ways to Prevent Water Damage this Spring

We had a very SNOWY winter this year in Utah!  While the temperatures start to rise, flooding can become a significant (and expensive!) issue for many Utah homes, basements, and office buildings.

Prevention is essential this time of year as the snow melts from our majestic mountains and we accumulate more rain water.   However, if you already have water damage, please call us right away to clear away the water and fix the damage.  Call or text 801-750-2928.


15 Ways to Prevent Water Damage this Spring

  1. Clean out your gutters & downspouts.
  2. Remove Ice Dams before water leak occurs.  Rake snow off with a long-handled aluminum roof rake or fill pantyhose with calcium chloride ice melter and add to roof so it crosses the ice dam and gutter.
  3. Ensure water is running at least 6 feet away from the house.  Consider an underground drain pipe or French drain.
  4. Install a sump pump that automatically pumps water out from the basement and keeps water from rising.
  5. Make sure your ground doesn’t slope towards home.  The dirt should be at least 6 inches higher at base of home above the first 10 feet in all directions.
  6. Seal any gaps or cracks in the walls, floors, foundations and windows of entire house.  Use polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement.
  7. Replace any missing roof shingles.
  8. Waterproof interior basement walls with silicate-based concrete sealers, concrete coatings, waterproofing paint or plastic panels.
  9. Watch your water bill.  If your bill peaks higher than usual, you may have a potential leak in the pipes hidden behind walls and floors.
  10. Install an automatic emergency generator to help during potential blackouts.
  11. Use a drain snake instead of the unclogging chemicals.  These chemicals can eat away at your pipes and create future problems.
  12. Check appliances regularly & upgrade washing machine hoses.
  13. Be careful where you add trees & plants that may have invasive roots.
  14. Add porous pavement around house to help absorb rainwater and melting snow.
  15. Make sure your drainage systems and plumbing are working properly.

If flooding does occur in your home or office, contact a water damage professional immediately.  For safety reasons, don’t come into contact with the floodwater.  Call us at Pure Cleaning & Restoration services for water damage removal and repair services at 801-750-2928.


Top 7 Ways to Avoid Home Water Damage

Water Damage in your home can be very frustrating and costly.  We have helped many Utah residents with water damage restoration and have come across some top reasons that the damage occurred.  Here are the Top  7 Ways to Avoid Home Water Damage:

Broken pipes – Its a good idea to inspect all the pipes and hoses in your home.  Look for wear and tear that could bring damage soon.  Replace old pipes and hoses with PVC piping, metal braided washing machine lines, and copper pipes.  This will lower risk of water leaks or bursts.  Get a plumber or replace hoses on your own.

Accidents – There are many accidents that can happen ranging from overfilling the bathtub or a misuse of shower curtain.  Keep an eye on running water and kids using water.  Re-caulk shower/bathtub areas.

Broken/plugged toilets – Once per year, check your toilet for any worn or damaged materials.

Home Appliance leaks – Check the hoses of your home appliances including refrigerator water lines, dishwasher, laundry machine, and water heater.  Check hoses and if they look worn, replace them.  For dishwashers, look under sink to make sure hose connection is secure and then check base of dishwasher for any possible leaking.  Fridges with ice maker, check hose connection attached to water supply.  For sinks, re-caulk around sink.

Heavy Storms–  Even though we live in a “desert” climate in Utah, big rain storms happen and can cause flooding in basements or leaking through windows.  During/After a big storm, make sure to check basements for possible flooding.  Its important to get the water removed quickly to avoid significant damage.

Sewer back up –  Tree roots invading and clogging drain lines can cause sewer back up. Buy a sport “enzyme” drain treatment that can be flushed on a monthly basis during Spring and Summer months when tree roots grow most prolifically.

Sprinkler lines – Check all sprinkler heads for possible malfuntions, inspect spigot /house bib on side of home, watch sprinklers run to make sure water is spreading evenly, make sure no area of lawn is extra soggy/watered as that area may have a sprinkler leak.


If water damage does occur, give us a call at Pure Cleaning & Restoration.  We utilize fast-dry techniques to quickly clean up the mess to prevent mold growth, and get your home or office back to normal as quickly as possible. Contacting us as soon as the water damage is discovered is very important, because fast cleanup minimizes the long-term damage from the water. We will use tools to detect unseen moisture, which will insure to properly dry all affected areas. Once we begin the cleanup process, we will focus on extracting the water to prevent the water from spreading. We will also setup high powered air movers that are used to dry out the area.

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